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Nonprofit CRM for mission-driven people

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To reach global goal your Nonprofit needs to:

  • maximize fundraising;
  • bring all departments together;
  • direct efforts to the appropriate donors and volunteers;
  • get access to CRM system from any device on any platform;
  • run flawless nonprofit marketing campaigns and gain greater insights of work;
  • have secure CRM with automated processes;

It is hard for people in Nonprofits to meet all these needs on the everyday basis without any strong system. That’s why we’ve designed Contribution Systems based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. It can do all of the above and even more (visit our Facebook to stay in the know).


Let’s have a closer look!

Maximize fundraising with donation and volunteer management

If your organization depends on donation, you must understand what issues donor care about most, then direct your efforts to selected donors and finally, review performance to achieve greater insights. Our Nonprofit CRM solution is based on Dynamics 365, Office 365, SharePoint and Power BI. It allows your nonprofit organization to drive contributions by connecting managers and fundraisers with donors.

Bring all departments in one system

Non-profits and Charities need a complete view on their environment, relationships, members, volunteers, donations or contacts. Contribution Systems will capture all your interactions in one place to bring all departments in one system and provide required services effectively.

Connect with supporters

Direct your efforts only to the appropriate donors and volunteers! Let Contribution Systems analyze trends in Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, forums and blogs to measure your campaign impact, to discover social insights about your trending nonprofit topics and to let you understand audience on a deep level.

Nonprofit CRM access from anywhere and anytime

It works on any platform, whether you are using Android, Windows or iOS. Our system can automatically resize to fit perfectly your mobile device.  No app required. You can view and manage all your Donations, Meetings, Volunteers, Calendar, Opportunities and even intuitive dashboards, designed especially for Nonprofit organizations and Charities—right from the palm of your hand.  

Flawless reports and dashboards

Data is the lifeblood of any Nonprofit organization, and competitive advantage for the donors’ attention is fueled by the ability to analyze big chunk of information to surface key insights. Use Report Wizard and Dashboards Templates to easily create rich data visualization in just a few steps, no technical skills needed. Simple or complex charts and reports with a few clicks.

Secure automated Nonprofit CRM

Stop using non-productive and unreliable methods of data management separately (Spreadsheets, Access database, Outlook, etc). With Contribution Systems based on Microsoft hosted servers you can get more with less: keep using your  favorite tools (Office 365, QuickBooks, Microsoft SharePoint, Power BI, MailСhimp, etc.) and integrate them with Dynamics 365 Nonprofit CRM system.

We love to tell about our system, because we do really believe that it can help people in Nonprofits and Charities. But who needs words? It is easier for you to try once than to read a hundred articles. Click on the button below to get a trial access to the Contribution Systems for free.

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